About Us

Lobo Del Mar is a family. One family, whose members form, among other endeavors, a Celtic band and dance troupe. Over the years this family has traveled the globe, experiencing dozens of cultures, and absorbing their influences along the way. What began as a Celtic band has become something indefinable, though when pressed we’ll say “world music and dance”. Audiences are given a taste of the family’s mixed heritage, as well as all the beautiful places this family has called home.

Quotes from the band:

     "If we have an interest in a certain type of music or dance, chances are one of us will study and learn it, then incorporate it into our shows. We really just love to play music and have a fun time trying new things..."

“We are a Celtic band…but we wander. We may play the bagpipes or put them down to travel through the Middle East, Latin America or Polynesia. Sometimes we choose to stay right here at home with Bluegrass or Western Swing music…”

Dance & Music styles performed by Lobo Del Mar:

Celtic Music
Irish Step Dance
Hula & Tahitian dance

Mexican Music

Western Swing